Waldorf Sampler Option Blofeld, software voor Blofeld

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License SL is the Sample Play Option for Blofeld. With this license, 60 Megabyte of Sample Flash Memory are available for factory or user samples. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld's synthesis engine just like oscillators – an enourmous extension to Blofeld's sonic possibilities!

License for activating the sample memory of the Blofeld desktop synthesizer.

License SL greatly expands the sonic potential of every Blofeld desktop. With this license installed, 60 megabytes of sample flash memory become available for factory and user samples. These samples and multisamples go through Blofeld´s vast synthesis engine just like the standard oscillators. And like the oscillators, samples can be used as an FM source or destination. You can also apply ring modulation, dual filters and overdrive to go far beyond traditional sample playback technology.

License SL offers an extensive set of factory samples.

The complete administration for own sample content will be done by the free SPECTRE application (available here for PC and Mac).

License SL Overview
  • Activation of 60 megabyte non-volatile sample flash memory for the Blofeld desktop synthesizer
  • Easy user installation done by software only
  • Support for single samples and multi samples with integrated loop points
  • Administration for own sample content via SPECTRE software (available here)
  • Included: License SL activation code with user´s manual, factory sample content, Waldorf Edition LE
  • System Requirements for upgrading: PC or Mac computer with USB2 port, USB2 suited cable, SysEx capable software application like e.g. Cubase, Logic, MIDI OX odr SysEx Librarian, Blofeld desktop with OS 1.13 (included with License SL) or later, internet connection for online activation

List of included samples

Clav, Piano, Acoustic Gtr, Zither, E-Organ, Mixed Choir, Ney Flute, Marimba, French Horn, Kalimba, Strings, Tubular Bell, Pizzicato, Hi Hat Open, Hi Hat Closed, Ride Cymbal, Cymbal, Crash Cymbal, Cymbal Bell, Tambourine, Triangle, Guiro, Bongo Low, Bongo High, Agogo, Infinite Ending, Sad Strings, String Chord, Sweet String, Score Spectrum, Gong Spectrum, Soft Gong, Hose, Electricity, AC 230/50 Hz, AC 110/60 Hz, Machine, Shellak Viny Noise, Sonar, Spring, Impulse
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