Komet Ambikab, 2x 8" en 2 x 12" speaker gitaar kast

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2 x 8 / 2 x 12 CABINET


Standard Speakers

Standard equipped with

1 - Celestion® A-Type (75hz) 98dB

1 - Celestion® G12H 30 Anniversary (85hz) 100dB 12" speakers

2 - Celestion® G10 Vintage 60 Watt (115Hz) 97dB speakers.

Maximum power handling 75 Watts RMS operating at 16 Ohms

We recommend this configuration for 40 Watt (and lower Wattage) amplifiers.

For 50 Watt amplifiers and higher, we recommend upgrading to higher Wattage 12" speakers.

Speaker Upgrades

Celestion® Cream 90 Watt (75hz) 100dB

Celestion® Alnico Gold (Made in England) 50 Watt (75hz) 100dB speaker

Celestion® Alnico Blue (Made in England) 15 Watt (75hz) 100dB speaker

Celestion® Heritage (Made in England) G12H - 30 Watt (55hz) Greenback speaker

Celestion® Heritage (Made in England) G1265 - 65 Watt (85hz) 97dB speaker

Celestion® G12-150 Red Back (Made in England) - 150 Watt (75Hz) 100dB

Please inquire with your Komet dealer about speaker upgrade pricing when ordering.

Note: speaker upcharges made by dealer are priced per speaker.

Note: speaker manufacturer's prices may change without any advance notice.

Cabinet Features

  • Finger jointed Baltic Birch
  • Black metal side handles, nickel mounting and panel screws
  • Authentic salt & pepper basket-weave grill cloth
  • Komet select Celestion® 12" (dry) and 10" (wet) speakers - upgrades available
  • Factory shipped at 16 Ohms (custom Ohm speaker selection available)
  • Select custom cosmetic tolex color options available
  • Custom heavy duty removable casters - upgrade available


  • Cabinet dimensions: 30" x 11.50 x 26.50
  • Weight: 89 lbs. (weight varies with speaker selection)
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